Just a quick note to say thanks again for the D3 wheels. After a couple of hundred safe beach landings and departures here in Mexico, we think these are absolutely the best! Appreciate all your great (over the top) service and kind help shuttling us around.

— Colin and Claudia B.

I upgraded to DaNard’s dingy wheels as soon as I found out about them. They were so obviously superior and a perfect example of how someone creative like DaNard applies logic and simplicity to create such a useful product. I spent about 30 days a year at the islands and go to the same beach with full exposure to south swells. We have NEVER had a problem landing at Coches even in the biggest surf (BTW, it was pumping last weekend). We’ve seen dozens (probably more) people flounder trying to land at Coches and immediately go up to our dingy and marvel at the simplicity and utility of DaNard’s dinghy wheel design. Our flawlessly executed landings (please excuse the immodesty) in any condition also helps convince them to acquire DaNard’s dingy wheels asap. Last weekend we had 14 on board (ALL my nieces and nephews) and never went to he beach with less than 6 people on the dingy. Having so many people on it and still landing at Coches in solid swell is a testament to how well DaNard’s wheels work.

— Karl T.

I just wanted to send you some very positive feedback about your dinghy wheels. We sat on a beach at Santa Cruz Island over the holiday weekend and installed a pair of your wheels in less than an hour with a cordless drill and some hand tools. Everything we needed was included in the kit. I was a little concerned that my dinghy was too small and my motor too large to support your wheels. I have a 10′ folding transom Avon with a 15HP outboard. After the install, we rolled the dinghy into the water, started the engine, powered through the surf,and moved the wheels to the up position and motored around for a few minutes. Then we put the wheels down, drove onto the beach, jumped out and effortlessly pulled the dinghy ashore. There is no interference at all with the operation of the motor in the up or down positions. And wheels are low enough to keep the engine off the ground. These wheels are by far the best ones I have used or seen on any other dinghy. Thanks so much.

— Tony S. Owner Nautical Steins Marine

I would like to thank the people at DaNard Marine for the excellent service I recently experienced. After searching online and at nearby Marine product stores I came across DaNard’s website and contacted them directly. They were friendly and knowledgeable and took care of my problem of replacing a launching tire. They replaced the tire at no charge and shipped it to me within a couple of days. All of the other places either didn’t have what I needed or it was going to take weeks to get the part. Thank you so much for your outstanding and friendly service.
— Dianne K.